Self-Care Candle

Self-Care Candle


Our Self-Care Aomatherapy Candles Are Made WIth Luxury Coco/Soy Wax And Make Wonderful Gifts or Are Excellent Ways To Transform Your Own Mood Any Time Of The Week Or Year. 


Our Candles Contain 100% Phthalate Free, High Quality Fragrance Oils With Sustainably Sourced Essential Oils.


ZoeApothic Candle's are Hand-Poured, Have Lead-free Cotton Wicks, Cruelty-free, Vegan, Gluten-Free, Phthalate-Free and are Eco-Friendly and Clean Burning.


Scent: Patchouli Rose & Sandalwood


Top Note: Sparkling Lemon, Lavender, Orange Peels
Middle Note: Shaved Cinnamon, Heady Rose, White Jasmine
Base Note: Red Patchouli, Warm Amber, Musk, Sandalwood


Words on Back Label:


Self-care is the act of prioritizing our own wellbeing with the same compassion and empathy that we extend to others. It is about nurturing our mental, physical, and spiritual health, so that we can cultivate a healthy balance and find natural relief from the every day stressors in our life.   


Please be sure to trim your wick before each burn! For more information about the care of your candle, please go to the FAQ Section of our website.




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