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Our Story

When my son was six, he was diagnosed with Aspergers as well as an acute expressive/receptive language disorder. These deficits often have led my child to feel overwhelmed and distressed, which has resulted in difficulties with meltdowns. 


Over the years, we have tried various medications in conjunction with skills training and therapy as intervention strategies to help with challenging behaviors. Unfortunately, we found that most medications resulted in adverse reactions and only exasperated the behaviors.  


Feeling motivated to help my son,  I began looking for natural methods to help him feel more calm, experience less anxiety, and to aid in fewer meltdowns.  I also wanted to find ways of reducing feelings of stress for myself and other family members and that's when I discovered essential oils. I began using them not as alternative health care (because my son does need to be on medication), but as integrative health care. 

I found essential oils to be so beneficial in addressing my son's mood and mental state, as well as aiding in feelings of stress, that I began researching, studying, and attending online accredited schools so that I could educate myself as much as possible.   


So to make a long story short, ZoeApothic was born from a desire to create less invasive and supplemental strategies for addressing crisis behavior. I also wanted to create a natural way to enhance my overall well-being so that I could be the effective, healthy, and whole parent my son needs. 

Here at ZoeApothic, we want you to know that we hand-pour and hand-blend many of our own products in small batches in Portland, Oregon using artisanal methods. We are strong believers in using and sourcing natural ingredients for our products. We strive to ensure that our products are free of parabens, that they are cruelty-free and are scented with essential oils and/or phthalate-free, fragrance oils. Our main goal at ZoeApothic, is to create products that help to elevate your physical, emotional and mental health.

On a last note, taking care of yourself means extending and treating yourself with the same kindness, love, and empathy that you show to the people you care about. It means to support yourself and to believe in your self-worth. It means to take ten minutes or even five minutes a day to refresh your mind and replenish your emotional, physical, and spiritually health.  Self-care is vital to everyone's overall well-being, but especially if you are a caregiver. So be sure to take time for you and if you need extra support, never feel ashamed in asking for it because we all have moments in our life when we can't manage things on our own and that's ok. 

“Take time to do what makes your soul happy.”